Indoor Olympic Swimming Pool - Terrassa

  • Location: Terrassa, Cataluña, España
  • Typology: Sports
  • Completion: 1998
  • Surface built: 4.700 m2

Francisco GALLARDO

Mario Corea Dellepiane
Claudio González
Margarita Mare
Lluís Moran
Diego Nakamatsu

Robert Brufau

Pedro Ibáñez

Located 20 kilometers from Barcelona, the city of Terrassa was the venue for the field hockey competition during the Barcelona 1992 Summer Olympic Games. The indoor swimming pool is located in the Olympic sports complex that includes numerous facilities for diverse sports activities. Forming part of the Swimming Club of Terrassa, this 50x25 meter pool is situated parallel to a smaller outdoor pool. This factor was fundamental for the project since the space to develop the program was reduced and restricted to that which was available between the existing pool and the hockey field.

A retractable roof was designed that would allow for covering or opening up the pool making possible its use in both winter and summer. The tiers, with a seating capacity for 500, are located on the south side to provide protection from the sun for both the spectators as well as the swimmers. In front of the shorter side there is a linear volumen that is the new entrance facade, thereby unifying the image of the club.

This concept of unification was also developed functionally thanks to the intercommunication of the same circulation system throughout the entire complex. A new main entrance was generated that is located on an intermediate level between the two floors and from where the upper part of the tiers can be accessed directly. A ramp leads to the dressing rooms and swimming pool on the lower level. Another ramp leads to the gymnasium on the upper level.

The building is made of exponed concrete with the retractable part of the roof being metal and the rest exponed concrete. The south and west facades are constructed entirely of glass. The transparency and permeability of the swimming pool diminished the monumentality of the huge interior space while at the same time the unity of the megaform articulated the different volumes, softening theis dimension with respect to the reduced available space.