Sevilla House

  • Location: Teià, Spain
  • Typology: Housing
  • Completion: 2009
  • Surface built: 630 m2

Mario Corea
Lluís Moran

Job Captain
Marcelo Ranzini

André Mota

Indus Cálculo

Terin S.L

A thorough study on the main uses of the house in relationship with the building site, its orientation and views led to a proposal which tries to bring together the different variables described. It was designed in blocks organised in three main groups. In this way, the blocksfor leisure, living and resting forced not only to the organization of uses in the house,but also to its spatial organization through layers.
The resting area becomes the pedestal of the house. It is placed below the access level giving it visual and acoustic privacy, which are essential for this use. Thus, the main and secondary bedrooms were placed in the lower level of the building site being in direct contact with the rest of the site. Between the bedrooms and the outside there is a gallery acting as an intermediate place and giving darkness and privacy variables in the sleeping areas.
The access is done at the level of the street where the living room is. The pedestrian accessis made through the west lateral of the house and is sheltered by the cantilever of the first floor. There is a hall that is in direct relationship with the central courtyard of the house.From this hall it is possible to have access to all the rooms on this floor or else take the stairs or elevator. This floor allows areas with natural light and fantastic views.
The leisure rooms are placed on the upper part of the house. Set as a raised box, this part has a semi covered room, a changing room and a terrace which acts as a solarium next to the a longitudinal north-south oriented swimming pool with incredible views of Barcelona and the sea. The vertical connexion between the different levels is made through central stairs placed next to a courtyard which visually connects the different uses.