Dr. Gutiérrez Hospital

  • Location: Venado Tuerto, Argentina
  • Typology: Hospitals
  • Completion: 2017
  • Surface built: 18.500 m2

Unidad de Proyectos Especiales
Project Team
Mario Corea
Francisco Quijano
Silvana Codina
Evangelina Dania
Jorgelina Paniagua
Norberto Tarrago

Development Team
Andrea Hidalgo
Fernanda Mastrizzo
Norma Trevisanello
Luciana Casas
Cecilia Lotito
Ana Moore
Daniel Gutiérrez
Raúl Utges
Alejandro Ferrarini
Esteban Arriola
Alfredo Aguerri
Ezequiel Clivio

Gustavo Fritegotto

The new building for the Dr. Gutiérrez Hospital of Venado Tuerto forms part of an integral healthcare network that the Government of the Province of Santa Fe has launched to provide citizens with a comprehensive infrastructure of social services.

The typological system developed by architect Mario Corea is the strategy implemented for the design of hospitals, healthcare centers and schools. Unlike models such as prototypes, the typological design system is based on the development of an architectural project that can be adapted to different scales, territories and groups of users. Although the system is open in terms of the local conditions and corresponding available technological resources, the projects are characterized by a common architectural language composed of spatial elements that can be reconfigured to suit each situation.

This highly complex regional hospital is an innovative reference both in terms of its advanced technology as well its healthcare services.