Las Parejas Hospital

Mario Corea
Silvana Codina
Francisco Quijano
Jorgelina Paniagua
Jorge Giunta

Arquitectos Colaboradores
Franco Campodónico
José Rabasedas
María Soledad Díaz

Daniel Gutiérrez
Alfredo Aguerri
Esteban Arriola

Raúl Utgés
Alejandro Ferrarini
Ezequiel Clivio


This hospital is located in an urban area of the city of Las Parejas that is easily accessible to the residents and close to a major highway, which guarantees a direct connection with the hospitals located in neighboring cities. Via another highway, Las Parejas is linked to Rosario, which is 100 km away and is the nearest city where highly complex medical treatments are available.

The hospital was developed as a horizontal structure on one level, establishing a hierarchy of different zones according to function. Therefore, the technical, medical and public sectors are connected by circulation systems that form a sequence of accesses to the different areas of the building. Natural light and ventilation in all functional areas as well as the spatial quality of the interior play a major role in the design, with the light being the main element of the construction of space.

The hospital is designed to provide diagnosis and treatment of diseases of low and medium complexity that require hospitalization and it has the capacity for rapid transfer of patients with complex health problems. The major medical departments are: clinical, pediatric, gynecology, surgery, dentistry, childbirth of low complexity, and the facility features 17 inpatient beds, as well as services such as x-rays, ultrasound and a laboratory.