Plovdiv Central Square

  • Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
  • Typology: Urban Design
  • Completion: 2014

Mario Corea
Manuela Valtchanova
Anna Prats
Alba Casanovas

The high centralisation problem of the city requires a deeper consideration of the whole urban area in order to conceive an urban strategy for solution of basic problems. In terms of the complexity of the multilayered cultural and social urban model, the project is based on an attempt to propose a way to polycentricity. For this reason the central zone is considered as a part of a complex urban organism and not as a punctual core. The proposal aims to balance the social pressure by acquiring peripheral characteristics to the central zone and vice versa. Following this strategy of ex-centricity and incessant urban flow, Plovdiv Central Square is converted into a space of continuity – mental, visual and physical, and a space of well balanced contradiction – thermal baths in the heart of the city. Slow down space in a speed up core. Mental flow and a real physical flow. A multi layered experience.