Itaca Secondary School

Mario Corea
Lluís Moran

Evangelina Dania
Emiliano Lopez
Gisela Planas
Josafath Rentería

P.V.I Pedro Ibañez

BIS Arquitectes S.L.

The point of departure for the design strategy started with the analysis of the specific restrictions specified by the city hall of Sant Boi de Llobregat in relation to the topographical conditions of the site.
By taking advantage of the existing slope, the project was resolved in section. The entry is placed on an intermediate floor, which allowed for a fluid relationship with the immediate urban surroundings. At the same time, its special role in the community is established primarily through two distinguishing features: its marked horizontal character and the use of industrial materials, both of which contrast with the tall predominately brick residential blocks around it.
The building was conceived as a ‘container’ so that only minimal interventions would be required to adapt the interior to different types of use. This spatial flexibility is generated by the application of a modular approach that permits independence between the structure, facade and the internal functional units.