Single-family House in Teià

  • Location: Teià, Barcelona, España
  • Typology: Housing
  • Completion: 1996
  • Surface built: 1254 m2

Mario Corea
Sergi Blanch

Ana Elbert

Situated in the small town of Teià on the outskirts of Barcelona, the site for this single-family house looks down upon the Mediterranean Sea. The point of departure for its design was to capture the light and the landscape of the Catalan coast in the interior.

Austerity in the use of materials and the absence of ornamentation were emphasized, allowing the light and the connection of the spaces to be the protagonists of a rational design base that was established from simple forms with predominant right angles and verticality. References to Mediterranean architecture were combined with modern solutions for materials and comfort. The traditional white color achieved by the use of limestone is replaced here by travertine marble as the principal material on the exterior and by white plastered walls inside. Instead of clay tiles, reddish wooden flooring is used throughout emphasizing the spatial continuity between the interior and exterior.

The slope of the site was a determining factor in the design of the house, allowing for its development on three levels. Thus, the continuity of the circulation is expressed both in plan and section, establishing a connection between the public areas with the garden and swimming pool and the more private areas. The fireplace is an organizing element that articulates the interior volumes.

The front facade is oriented towards the street and is defined as a compact volume that allows views of the sea through the beams and pergolas. The transparent character of the back facade is due to the large-scale windows that offer a view into the house and its complex series of levels.

Defining itself as a juxtaposition of references expressed in two clear volumes, the house provides a series of platforms from which to enjoy splendid views of the Mediterranean. At the same time the house absorbs the costal landscape.