Sant Joan de Reus University Hospital

Mario Corea
Lluís Moran
Pich-Aguilera Architects

Job Captain
Eugenio Tioni
Agustín Arballo
Jordi París

Consuelo Koch
María Ceballos
Nicolás Becchis
André Mota

Bis Arquitectes

PGI Group

The Sant Joan de Reus University Hospital was conceived as one of the principle elements that would compose the expanding area on the border of the city of Reus where a new technological district is being developed. This urban dimension was reflected in the utilization of the grid as the generator of the design, capable of establishing internal routes in the hospital as well as connections with the city.

At the same time, the project sought to modulate the scale of such a large healthcare facility from the urban scale of the access and the public circulation spaces to the scale of hospitalization, with its needs for proximity between the patients, visitors and the medical personnel. Therefore, the facade plane that covers the whole building is bent over, optically reducing the physical presence of the building and increa¬sing its perspective effect.

On the other hand, on the ground floor there are lower pavilions that help to organize the different entrances. In the area of the public circulation axis, the staff, patients and visitors encounter a public square, which enters into the building as if it were part of it. In this sense, the public area is designed as a covered street, with the inpatients areas organized around three landscaped courtyards. The bedrooms overlook these patios, which supply natural sunlight and ventilation as well as views into the gardens below.