Mario Corea gave a lecture in the congress of the International Federation of Hospital Engineering (IFHE) in Buenos Aires on Tuesday, October 14.

IFHE 2014 Buenos Aires

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The New Network Infrastructure Provincial Public Health was awarded the first prize in the category New York: Works exceeding 5000m2 in the IFHE Congress 2014 in Buenos Aires.

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The Subacute Hospital of Mollet del Vallès was awarded 1st prize in the recycled healthcare buildings section of the exhibition at the IFHE Congress 2014 in Buenos Aires.

Mario Corea Arquitectura

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Mario Corea gave a conference at the IX Latin American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism in Rosario, his hometown.

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The Trade Fair Center in Mendoza, Argentina has been published in the magazine Promateriales.


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Announcing the inauguration of the new Carles Rahola Public Library of Girona

Diari de Girona

Today, Ferran Mascarell, the Minister of Culture of Generalitat de Catalunya, announced that the library will open at the end of 2014.
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Mario Corea in the 6th CBDEH Congress in Florianópolis

Mario gave his lecture – 'The Hospital: Continuities and Specificity' – in the 6th Congress for the Development of Hospital Building in Florianópolis, Brazil on August 28.
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Vicente Ferrer Hospital published in Hospitecnia


Vicente Ferrer Hospital in Rubí (Barcelona) has been published in Hospitecnia.
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Subacute Hospital in Mollet published in Via Sanitaria

Via Sanitaria

Subacute Hospital in Mollet has been published in Via Sanitaria
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The 508 Technical School selected for the 2014 FAD Prize

The 508 Technical School in Santa Fe, Argentina, was one of the 18 choices for the 2014 FAD Prize.
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