Inauguration of the New Geriatric Hospital of Mollet del Vallès


The new Geriatric Hospital in the center of Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona), opened its doors on December 3 to the 150.000 inhabitants of the city of Mollet and surrounding municipalities.
This facility is the result of the renovation of the original municipal hospital built in the 1950s and 60s. While the main structure has been maintained, the redesign of the hospital features openness and functionality and maximizes the use of natural light in the interior.
Some 70 health-care professionals will be employed in the facility, which counts with 67 beds, an outpatient unit and a day hospital with psychogeriatric and rehabilitation departments, along with other services.
The inauguration was presided by Artur Mas, the President of the Generalitat de Catalunya; accompanied by Boi Ruiz, the Minister of Health of the Generalitat; Josep Monràs the Mayor of Mollet; and Martí Fabré, Chairman of the Mollet Health Foundation, as well as other authorities and the center’s medical staff.

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